Life Story Box Programme



There are many views on Life Story work and the use of Life Story Books.

We feel that play is the child’s most natural way to communicate therefore Life Story work can be explored through this medium at the child’s own stage in their development.

 The role of the therapist in the process is to support the child throughout, following the child’s lead as they create their own story of their life so far.

The aim of the Life Story Box Programme is for each child to create a Life Story Box within the 10 sessions offered which tells their own personal story. This will be done through imagery, photos and play.


    We choose to use a box to contain the child’s imagery created in the 10 sessions. The box symbolises containment in therapy giving the child the opportunity to contain their own creations while being emotionally contained themselves in the therapeutic setting of the playroom. The box also provides a third object to talk through and aids the child when they are talking about their own thoughts and feelings to others.