1 to 1 Play Therapy

An outline of a block of Therapy:
  • Initial enquiry discussion for referrer with a member of PTB staff (Therapist in school or call to PTB office)
  • On receipt of the enquiry form PTB senior team calls the family to discuss the service, gain consent, and forms explained, and any parental consent issues explored.
  • Therapist and parent/ carer meet.
  • Child and parent/ carer visit Therapist in the playroom.
  • Child weekly sessions start with identified end date shared.
  • Therapist maintains contact with parent/ carer via text or phone.
  • Therapist checks in with school staff regularly if appropriate. Offering time to reflect on experiences, support on materials, strategies etc.
  • Review call/ meeting with parent carer offering support with parenting responses, ideas on materials, signposting other supports.
  • Ending meet/zoom call and letter/report.